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Triton Extreme

Type Name Information Size Download
JPG Water World Water World is a desktop wallpaper for your PC that’s made available in 3 different resolutions. Created by Sharp.




KSF OASYS Vocal Layer A fantastic rich Vocal Layer sound created and sampled by Jimi Jones using the OASYS and Triton. 1.34MB
PCG Rose 1 Fantastic set of 128 programs by Richard Rose 1.24MB

PCG Rose 2 Part 2. Another fantastic set of 128 programs by Richard Rose 33KB
PCG Rose 3 Part 3. Another fantastic set of 128 programs by Richard Rose 41KB
PCG Rose 4 Part 4. Another fantastic set of 128 programs by Richard Rose 154KB
PCG Rose 5 Part 5. Richard Rose releases Rose V. Please read the attached files for more information. 70KB
PCG Rose Accustica Once again a very high quality selection of 128 acoustic programs. By Richard Rose. 36KB
PCG Legacy 1 Richard Rose presents a great collection of 128 programs created by the joint efforts many Triton users from all around the world. 33KB
PCG Moose Richard Rose strikes again. This time is an excellent collection of you sounds for the MOSS. 321KB
PCG EXB-PCM 01 Factory Disk for the Pianos and Classic Keys Expansion Board 321KB
PCG EXB-PCM 02 Factory Disk for the Studio Essentials Expansion Board 314KB
PCG EXB-PCM 03 Factory Disk for the Future Loop Construction Expansion Board 191KB
PCG EXB-PCM 04 Factory Disk for the Dance Extreme Expansion Board 350KB
PCG EXB-PCM 05 Factory Disk for the Vintage Archives Expansion Board 326KB
PCG EXB-PCM 06/07 Factory Disk for the Orchestral Collection Expansion Board 306KB
PCG Z1 Card 1 All 128 MOSS sounds off the Z1 Card 1 converted to Triton MOSS format 39KB
PCG Z1 Card 2 All 128 MOSS sounds off the Z1 Card 2 converted to Triton MOSS format 39KB
PCG Z1 Bank A The first set of factory sounds of the great Z1 converted to Triton MOSS format. 39KB
PCG Z1 Bank B The second and final set of factory sounds of the great Z1 converted to Triton MOSS format. 39KB
PCG V3 All the sounds of the Trinity V3 MOSS board converted to Triton MOSS format. 15KB
PCG EXB-MOSS Factory Disk for the the MOSS Board 183KB
PCG Chip 2 5 New program sounds. Created By Sharp 3KB
PCG Electric Dysfunction 128 MOSS programs by Nightshadow. (excellect quality). Some of the best MOSS sounds ever to be heard. 19KB
PCG/PCM Trinity Convert 4 Programs converted from the Trinity. Deep pad sounds. Created By Sharp 1.3MB
PCG Karma Combi Originally created and converted by Tritonfun, this set included all the Combi sounds of the Karma converted to Triton format. NOTE:  This set has also been enhanced by Marc J Goodman. For more information please read the attached doc. 71KB
PCG Vocoder The first of its kind ever. 128 Vocoder Programs for your Triton programmed by  Pekka Järvensivu See attached files for full listings and information. " A great download " 70KB
PCG New Piano This is a fantastic set of 128 new piano / Keyboard sounds for the Triton Created by Robert 9KB
PCG Triton Le Every single sound of the Triton Le ready to be loaded into your Triton. So if you want a few hundred extra extremely hot sounds, then download this right now. The quality of these programs are way better than that of the factory sounds of the Triton. Don't forget to listen to the Combi sounds. They will blow you away. 450KB
PCG Sharp's Vocoder 22 New vocoder effects. These are very clear and easy to understand when used for singing or speech. Created By Sharp 3KB
PCG Legacy II The long awaited Legacy II has finally arrived. Again BIG Thanks go to Richard Rose and all the members involved in putting this together. Please check out the attached word doc for a full listing of all the sounds and programmers involved in this project. This is one excellent download. 72KB
PCG LeXtended As the title suggests, many of the sounds within this bank were inspired by the Triton Le sounds. The sounds are tweaked to "beyond recognition" in many cases even though a lot of the Le effects are used. I have altered amp eg´s, filter eg´s, lfo´s filter frequences and resonances. In most cases the "oscillators" or instruments have been switched to something new. Some of the patches have new/more effects. You will find a whole lot of new unique sounds. There is also a couple of patches in this bank, that more or less,was made from scratch.  I hope some of you will like this set.

Cheers / Pecca  Feedback is welcomed:

PCG Jump Van Halen - Jump.  I'm sure I don't need explain what this sound is about. NOTES: There is only 1 Program sound in this set, so you need to use the open button on the screen and scroll right down until you see the words "Jump". load this anywhere you like and away you go. Created By Sharp 1KB
PCG/PCM Prog Sharp 1 I spent over 3 hours working on this file. I've created 6 new Synth Pad sounds based around one new sample. The quality of these sounds are of an extremely high quality. They really show how great the Triton can get with a little hard work. The only way you can describe these sounds is they are deep and meaningful. To use these sounds Load All Data. And tick the KSC box to load the samples. Created By Sharp 75KB
PCG Prophecy Vol 1 Mastermalleus & Pecca are proud to present: Prophecy Conversions Vol.1. Yes, the awesome sounds of the KORG Prophecy converted to KORG Triton Format. Please read the attached file for more information. 88.6KB

Monster Lead

This is probably one of the best sounds ever to be heard on the Korg Trinity, and now with BIG thanks to CapnJOnes it can also be heard on the Triton. Yes..The Famous Monster Lead of the Trinity has been converted to Triton format. 1.2KB
KSF OASYS Mini Moog None other than that famous Mini moog sound. Creted and Sampled by Jimi Jones. 1.34MB



This data was originally only available to the members of Irish Acts message boards, but is now available for everyone to download. What you’re getting is, 128 new program sounds, which includes 15 NEW very crystal clear Vocoder effects. There’s also 1.3megs of new samples that are needed to run the new programs. And the “loop factory” sng file which contains midi drum loops. Plus 200 + midi loops in *.mid format, converted from the pa series.  Bottom line is that this set is packed full of goodies. And totally new sounds.

Note: “loop factory” is not to be confused with a Korg product called “factory loop.”

Created By Sharp



Factory Disk for the Concert Grand Piano Expansion Board 99KB

PA80 2 Triton

322 Program sounds from the KORG PA80 converted to KORG Triton format. Thanks again to Vesa for converting these. Nice Work :-)  45KB
PCG NordLead


Version 1.2

This is a collection of approximately 1200 MOSS sounds converted from freely available to download Nordlead sounds. Using new software currently still under development by Qfingers. MOSSThief can convert Nord Lead sounds into Triton MOSS format. 70KB
KSC Peccasso Created by Pecca. A fantastic set of totally new milti samples. All 59 totally new multi sounds where samples at 48Khz. The amazing thing is that this all fits on 1 floppy disk. It’s true what they say. All good things do come in small packages. 1.38MB


Vintage Analog Project

Christophe Simonis Brain Child. “The Vintage Analog Project”. This set contains 128 bran new Vintage Analog program sounds. Even some of the real hard to get classics synths where programmed into this set through the joint efforts of programmers afrom round the world. For credits and detailed information on the sounds and programmer, please see the attached text files. 42KB



Meister Created by ND, this set is called “Meister”. It contains 64 New Program sounds, and a multisound for your Triton. For detailed information please read the attached txt file. 758KB


Real Kit This is a real drum kit sampled in Stereo. It's also mapped out to the GS/GM Standard. To load this data, you will need just over 8megs of free ram. Load the KSC file, and then open the PCG file and load E000 into any loaction. Created by Sharp. 6.03MB


Moose 2

Big News guys and girls. Moose 2 is finally here. And on behalf of the Triton Community I would like to express sincere thanks go to Mastermalleus for all his patience and hard work. If there were a medal to award, this guy would own a few at this stage. Truly a gifted and generous musician that deserves the respect of everyone in the Triton Community.


For detailed information and credits, please check the attached files.


Accordion The set contains 8 totaly new accordion sounds including sample data. Created by Sharp. 848KB


CM-32p From the Roland CM-32p at a very small size. Surprisingly enough, this is a pretty good piano from a very old module that simply cannot even be got these days. Sampled by Instanitor, looped, mapped and programming by Sharp. Just extract each zip file to a floppy disk and load add data.



PCG/KSC Orchestral Perfect for those into writing music for moves or those big love ballades. This is a program sound that is supplied with sample data, and it offers one huge sound from a single program. Created by Sharp. 5.7MB


VL Project.

Version 2

Yes, it’s the one and only VL Project with 64megs of the worlds best screaming vintage sounds, pads, and virtual instruments. Nothing else even comes close to this for pure raw power and completely different sounding programs. This data is released in versions; you download the samples once, and every so often just check back here and grab the latest version of the PCG file. This will add new programs and much more.

Sampling by Sharp.    Programming by Sharp and Mastermalleus.




PCG/KSC Yamaha Classical Guitar. This download contains 4 high quality classical guitars. Please read the attached files for more information and credits. 4.22MB
PCG/KSC Project X Project X. By Sharp. This download offers 16Megs of Smaple Data and a great selection of now programs. 10.4MB
PCG/KSC 24Mb Piano A collection of Piano sounds taken from the Trinity, but greatly enhanced. Created by Sharp. 13MB
PCG/KSC Real Guitar 5 New Acoustic Guitar sounds including Sample Data. These programs where designed to reproduce a realistic strumming effect. Two of the programs can also be used for picking. Download and load “All Data”. Created by Sharp. 14kKB


PCG/KSC PRO ONE 5 new progrmas including Sample  Data from the Vintage Sequential Circuits PRO ONE. Created by Sharp 356KB


Tri Tonton

Vershion 5

Created by "Tri-Tonton" ( the Moderator of the KORG forums at KORG France) . This is version 5 of "Tri Triton" which offers new Arpeg data and Combi data. Please read the attached files for more infrormation. 208KB


Legacy III Created by the joint effort of Korg Triton/Karma owners. Inspired by the efforts and idea’s of Richard Rose. It's none other than "Legacy III". 128 totally bran spanking new Program sounds for the Triton Classic, Studio and Karma. Please see the attached THML files for detailed Program lists and credits. 93KB


Enigma Part 1 Enigma currently consists of 64 Program sounds that where designed to emulate some of the classic synth’s of all time. With emulations from the likes of Mellotron, Fairlight, DX-7, D-50, and even a selection of unheard sounds, Enigma offers a wide range of sounds that where all created by Synthoid.

Please see the attached TXT for Acrobat Reader file for more information.


Classic Collection The Classic Collection created by Lorenzo contains a selection of Program and Combi sounds suited for Classical music. For more information please read the detailed Acrobat Reader file that Lorenzo has attached to this file. ;-) 32KB


ENIGMATIC COLLECTION VOLUME #1 Created by Enigma ( not to be confused with the PCG file called Enigma) this PCG file called the ENIGMATIC COLLECTION VOLUME #1. It contains 40 Combi sounds of a new age oriented style.(ENIGMA TYPE STUFF) with a very little bit of techno. 202KB


Triton LE88 Factory This is the actual LE88 Factory Preload, but it is intended for other Triton Users.
Unlike the other Tritons, the LE’s preload is now stored in ROM, so LE owners
can reload this preload via Global Mode.
The purpose of this file is to allow non-LE users to take advantage of the Voice
programming that was done for the Triton LE. While many of these Programs,
Combis, and Arpeggiator patterns are the same as other Triton Models, many
are brand new!

This data was submitted to us by Martin Hines. Please see the attached PDF file that martin created for more information.




Enigma Flute

(( Shakuhachi ))

Probably one of the best sounds on the planet and it’s available to you for free. This is the almighty famous flute sound that Enigma used in the song called Sadness. The actual raw sample was uploaded years ago by a guy called Alejandro Melendez to a site called It was basically only a 3 second long sample in SF2 format, but it was just enough for me (Sharp) to work on. So… after spending a ridiculous amount of time looping this data, I’m delighted to share with you all this fantastic and awesome sound in KORG format. Enjoy, it’s a fantastic sound. 636KB


TWM-TRITON 1 A new PCG file for the Triton series called “TWM-TRITON 1”. Basically this is a best of collection, with some bran spanking new sounds that where created by the guy who assembled all this together. “Tommo”. For more information and detailed listings and credits, please see the attached World Doc. 256KB


Lead File Francisco Palomo creates a new PCG file called “LEAD FILE COLLECTION “. And in his own words here what he had to say… Hi friends this file it´s a lead sounds compilation from many sources,some files are from the original data from Triton series (Karma,Triton Classic,Le version and Studio version) and many other files are created for me and others karma/triton users. Some user/programers come from the Jordan Rudess forum and many other sounds come from web based sound collections. 149KB


Barbenzinc Submitted by Lorenzo. The a new PCG file that offers a selection of new Combi sounds that are designed to work with the “Barbenzinc” sample set 37kb
PCG ENIGMATIC COLLECTION VOLUME #2 Created by Enigma:  This is the second volume to the fantastic  ENIGMATIC COLLECTION. 26.7KB
PCG ENIGMATIC COLLECTION VOLUME #3 Created by Enigma:  This is the third volume to the fantastic  ENIGMATIC COLLECTION. 25.9KB
PCG Guitars Created by Lorenzo. A PCG file called "Guitars" has been uploaded to the download section. This PCG file offers 18 guitars program. (SW1 to distortion effect and slider to increase chorus). Don’t forget to read the attached PDF file for more information. 4.3KB
PCG TR-808 Antwuan Wilson submits a TR-808 Sample in KORG Format for the Download Section. His instructions for loading are as follows.

First load the Wave file, then load the KSC file. Then load the PCG file. Go to A Bank 001, 002, 003. They are the locations of the Kadillak’z 808 kick drum.

PCG 20 Organs Created by Mark Giles. 20 Organ Program sounds that he created on his Korg Karma. Here are the authors notes…. Use knobs 1-4 and joystick+Y and joystick-Y to control various things, most of them use the same layout for controls. This is my first attempt at making patches, I just wanted to expand on the factory presets for more organ sounds. 3.1KB
PCG/KSC B4- B3 In the words of the Author - Jochen Hiester.
Using the Native Instruments B4 software I spent more than 100 hours (!) to get the most perfect Hammond B3 sound and controller options out of my Triton.
I share my 888000000, Percussion and Endclick multisamples with the following features for free:
- Keyboard foldback via carefully chosen sampling keys and keyzone settings
- Varying KeyOn & KeyOff-click sounds, random controlled
- Percussion envelope starts only with the first key if legato played

Controller options:
- Percussion on/off with Switch 1
- Switch from 3rd to 2nd Percussion and medium to short Percussion envelope via Program Change
- C3-Vibrato simulation, toggle on with Switch 2, change to V3-Vibrato with Knob 1
- Drive gain control with Knob 2
- Drawbar control with Knob 3 and via Program Change (only useable with 5 more multisamples, see below)
- Plate Reverb control with Knob 4
- Rotary speaker speed switch with Damper
- Rotary speaker speed brake with Y+
- Drive off/on with Y-
PCG Indian PCG JIJO C submits a PCG file that contains 11 Indian program sounds. See the attached TXT file for the Authors notes. 5KB
PCG Indian Deb Collection Volume-I Here are the Authors own words….. 
Indian Deb" Collection Volume-I its totally 80 new combination sounds made by me in KARMA but all Sound are supported Triton Classic, Triton Studio and Karma Workstation not for Triton LE

All Combination is not only as a KORG sound but also it's crate a complete story of my Life.
PCG/KSC 63 Voice Piano Created by Korg1. A new sample based Piano sound for the Triton Series. It sounds rather similar to a Roland XP Piano, but it has it’s own flavour that makes it real nice.

Floppy Disk users will also be glad to know that this download is already split across 5 floppy disks ready for loading.






INS Cakewalk / Sonar The following INS file for the Triton Extreme was created by Duke. It currently supports everything but the Drum Kits. 183KB
PCG/KSC Hammond 1 Yamaha135 samples his Hammond and offers a great organ patch with a drawbar setting of 888000008. 42KB
PCG PCG Competition 2004 Programmer – Paul Hutchinson
Location- E000 to E009
Compatibility – Standard Triton Series.

Programmer - Richard Rose
Location- F000 to F009
Compatibility – EXB-MOSS 

Programmer - Roymer Contreras
Location E010 – E019
Compatibility – Standard Triton Series

Programmer - Anthony Severini
Location E020 – E029
Compatibility – EXB-PCM05
KMP Arabic Drums Anoosh Emam submits a collection of Arabic drum samples. 1.08MB
KMP 01W Piano KORG 01W Piano Multisample. Extracted by Nizar Tareq. 2.68MB
KMP Global Muisc Timor Sakka submits 5 multi samples compatible with the PA1X, Pa80, Trinity, Triton, and OASYS. 7.4MB
Lso Logic Environment for Extreme 61 This download contains the Logic Environment for Extreme 61. Includes MOSS also. Created by Paul R Venkat. 251KB
Lso Logic Environment for Extreme 61 Just like the file above, this one contains all the program names for the Triton Extreme. This one also contains the two additional banks for the Z1 data. (See files above). By Leslie Beathoven 546KB
TXT Cubase Script Alexey Zakanach submits the Triton Extreme Cubase Script file. 80KB
PCG/KSC Organ / Best Of Leslie Beathoven a selection of organs sampled from Logics EVB-3 and some other sounds made by himself along with a selection of the best from the forum in bank E and F (MOSS). 5.38MB
PCG/KSC Single Sax Gustavo Colina submits a single Sax sounds based on new sample data. This download is Triton Classic, Studio, Rack and Extreme compatible. Important Note: After you load the PCG / KSC files, you will find the single Sax sound in INT-E 008 372KB
KSC Kanoun Shadi Domooni sends us a multi sample of a real Kanoun that he sampled. 610KB
KSC Ovation Anoosh Emam has sampled an Ovation guitar and submitted the files for download. It’s a single Multisound based on 6 samples. No PCG data. 145KB
PCG/KSC PMI Piano This is a conversion of a 1GB piano by PMI that was offered for free on the cover of a magazine. Now converted to Korg format and looped.  21.8MB
INS Cakewalk INS File This download contains a Sonar/cakewalk INS file for the Triton Extreme. Submitted by Francois. 41KB
PCG Egyptan A selection of programs suited to Egyptian Soloists Created Khaled Makram 215KB
PCG MOSS Init A blank PCG file for the MOSS board. Loading this file will erase all the MOSS programs leaving you with a blank memory to work from. Submitted to us by Nor B 9KB
PCG/KSC The Strings Submitted comments. "2 Korg 01/Wfd string samples, "String Ens." and "String Ens. v3" - used by "TheStrings" from Korg 01/Wfd. The program is loadable into bank E, program 000. This was as accurate as I could make it." Triton Series format created by Jack Grimes 12MB
PCG Dec 2007 The file contain a collection of new sounds, and some enhancements to existing sounds. Created by Carlos Marx 81KB
PCG Sakuhachi New sakuhachis pcg's sounds and brand new programs created by Robert Chan 81KB
PCG Leads A collection of MOSS sounds submitted to us called Triton Tom Coster Lead. Sent in by Nor B 4.2KB
KSF/KMP Samples A selection of free samples sent to us by Ronak Patel. Banjo, Santur, Sarod, Shenai, Sitar, Tanpura 2.7MB
KSF/KMP Power Synth Created by Nikola Prvulovic, this is a sample of a Power Synth sound. This download has been added to all the relevant sections that it's compatible with. 320KB



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