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Who owns / maintains the Korg Forums website
The site is owned by James Tubbritt of Irish Acts Recording Studio, known as  forum user " Sharp". KORG USA kindly provide the HOST and phpBB support.

Who funds the Korg Forums website
The site is funded by the owner.

Advertising Products
KORG Forums is an advertisement free website in the sense that you are not allowed to promote your own products without meeting certain expectations and never without permission.

In order for you to receive permission you must first take part in the forum as a regular member and prove yourself to be someone interested in helping your fellow musicians and not someone here just looking to make a profit.

If you are given permission to promote your products on the forum then you are expected to adhere to the following conditions.

You can make a maximum of 1 post a month detailing a new product or new offer you may have. You are not allowed to use your 1 post a month just to draw attention to your products. Only genuine new news can be announced. In order to get every day exposure for your products, place a small banner in your signature profile. This graphic can be no larger than 600 X 30. The more you help out by replying to threads, the more people will see your banner. This is also a good way to earn respect on the forum from our members. Respect is priceless and it will go a long way to help you sell your products.

Other promotions
The promotion of websites which have intentions to compete with KORG Forums is not allowed. You shall not be allowed to use our bandwidth against us.

More than one account on the forum
You are not allowed to operate more than one account on the forum. Doing so will result in you being exposed and ultimately banned from the forum.

Banned topics of conversation on the forums
1: No Religion.
2: No Politics.
3: No adult content. We have a large number of children on our forums.



Owned by Irish Acts Recording Studio - Hosted by KORG USA

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