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Type Name Information Size Download
R3P  Jack Quick Programs (7th Feb 2008) R3 Programs created by Jack Quick (a.k.a xmlguy on the forum). Zip file contains multiple R3P files, which can be loaded in the R3 using the Editor/Librarian software that comes with the synth. 2KB
R3P Hyper Voc HyperVoc.r3p is a customized Vocoder Patch for the R3 emphasizing a clean/dry sound with vocal clarity.  The assignable knobs have been chosen carefully with 8 parameters to add the most interest without losing clarity. Created by Jack Quick 1KB
R3L Studio F Eminent Lee Sainsbury submits a patch called Studio F Eminent from the Radias converted to R3 format. 4.2KB
R3L Factory Preload Submitted by Casey Reynolds. This download contains a copy of the factory sounds. 26KB
R3L Bowed Strings To quote the words of the author Jack Quick... (There is no factory preset with a good bowed strings program, so I wrote this one to fill that gap. It has the following features: It maintains full 8 voice polyphony, and uses only one timbre with no unison, yet still has a very rich layered sound with lots of motion. The arpeggiator has been carefully set for a good bowed string arpeggio that can be latched.) 0.1KB
R3L MS2000 and microKorg factory Programs Matt Cassini converted the Radias versions of the MS2000 and microKorg factory programs to work with R3. A lot of work ! Thanks ! 30KB
R3L Selected Radias factory Programs Matt Cassini converted some of the Radias factory programs to work with the R3. Thanks ! 14KB
R3P DubWobble DubWobble is a Dubstep Wobble Bass Program, courtesy of Jack Quick a.k.a xmlguy. The wobble can be triggered by velocity, pitch wheel, or with the assignable knobs. The rate can be varied with the mod wheel, tempo knob, an assignable knob, or manually with the pitch wheel. 0.5KB
R3P HyperSaw HyperSaw is a Pad Program, courtesy of Jack Quick a.k.a xmlguy. It has a strong slow filter sweep with a bit of a shimmer using an LFO on the filter. 0.5KB
R3L Welsh's Patches This is a bank of sounds programmed from "recipes" found in Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook by Fred Welsh. They were programmed into the R3 by Korg forum member GWGumby. These patches mostly approximate acoustic instruments based on a simple, generic 2-oscillator synthesizer with a single LFO and no effects. For the most part, I have programmed them as closely as I could from the recipes, though I have occasionally modified a sound or two to sweeten it up a little based on the R3s capabilities. The values in the recipes do not always directly correlate to the 0-127 input values of the Korg R3, so much of the programming was done through approximation and by ear with no audio examples to build to. Hopefully I was able to get close to what the original programmer intended. 8.5KB



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