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Type Name Information Size Download
Desktop Image OASYS 1

Created by Sharp. This is a very high resolution image (2500X1875 @ 300 DPI) that can be resized and used as a desktop image.

PCG + Samples Audiokeys No Description given by the Author.  39MB
PCG + Samples Shakuachi (Enigma) A sound made famous by ENIGMA. The Shakuachi. ( Flute sound used in such songs as Sadness) Samples by Sharp, PCG Programming by Dan Philips.  640KB
PCG Enigma No Description given by the Author. 643Kb
PCG Groove 01 64 combis created by Peter Verhulst aka Matthiola
(Spring 2006)

In this collection you'll find a lot of jazzy soul groove style bass splits. These are perfect for practising left hand bass or just jamming along. All combis use factory programs, including STR EXi programs. Most of these combis are based on factory presets, some were only slightly tweaked while the majority have been totally reworked, including karma settings.
PCG Groove 02 69 combis created by Matthiola
(November 2006)

Tweaking and fine tuning combis is an ongoing process. Since the release of the first "Groove01" set I've spent many hours improving these combis, fixing imperfections along the way. Now, all combis have been reworked, some beyond recognition! The combi set uses all EXis and EXs data, including LAC-1 programs! You need to load EXs1 and EXs2.

This version replaces the old PCG file! 

In this new collection you'll find a lot of jazzy, soul groove style bass splits. You'll hear lots of funky stage pianos, screaming organs, vintage FX and deep bass spiced with mostly 'natural' drum grooves. These combis were designed for practising left hand bass and of course for inspiration and fun! Most combis are Karmafied, though generally pretty basic. Most of the time there's only one GE groove running. The more comprehensive stuff is usually derived from a factory preset. In case a combi is close to a factory preset, I've preserved the filename, just adding a "2" in the name.
KMP/KSF Mini Moog OASYS MiniMoog Bass - 8 Samples  
KSF/KMP Samples A selection of free samples sent to us by Ronak Patel. Banjo, Santur, Sarod, Shenai, Sitar, Tanpura 2.7MB
KSF/KMP Power Synth Created by Nikola Prvulovic, this is a sample of a Power Synth sound. This download has been added to all the relevant sections that it's compatible with. 320KB
PCG/KSC Orchestral Brass Created by Sharp, this download contains an Orchestral Brass multisample that was created from the mixdown of a large number of individually sampled instruments. This download also contains a PCG file that contains 5 programs sounds showing different styles of music that can be generated from this multisample.  25MB
PCG/KSC Concert Trumpet Created by Sharp, this download contains Concert Trumped sampled at 3 different velocities. In total there are over 100 samples to this multisample. Comes with a PCG file too to get you going. 24.8MB
PCG/KSC Solo Voilin / Strings This download contains a multisample of a Solo Voilin. Over 30 stereo samples to this Multisample, and it comes with a PCG file too. 5.6MB
PCG/KSC Electric Guitar Created by Sharp, this download contains a multisample extracted from the Pa1X Pro and then worked on under the OASYS. It offers an Electric Guitar sound that is unuqie to the Pa1X and at the time of sampling was not found on any other KORG keyboard. 1.2MB
PCG/KSC Alto Flute Created by Sharp, this Alto Flute contains 3 layers, over 100 samples, and comes with a PCG file. Sampled with natural vibrato. 15.3MB
SCR OASYS Screensaver Created by Sharp, this screensaver displays the OASYS logo in 3D while rotating 360 Degrees. 4.5MB
EXE Desktop Animation 1 Created by Sharp, installing this puppy on your PC will replace your static image with a cross fading selection of OASYS images that will slowly fade in and out against a black screen. 1.3MB
PCG/KSC Judit Created by Sharp. This download contains an earthly deep evolving pad sounds that are powered by 1MB female voices sampled at IA Studio's. 1.2MB
PCG/KSC Oriental Sounds Created by Sharp, a selection of Oriental sounds powered by new sample data have been added to the OASYS download section. PCG conversion from M3 format to OASYS format done by KARO

MP3 Demo

KSC 01W Sax Korg 01W Alto sax multisample added. Sampling and looping by Sharp. 867KB
PCG/KSC Orinoco Flow This is a recreation of the famous Pizzagogo sound used in the song Orinoco Flow. Created by Sharp

MP3 Demo

PCG / MOD7 MOD7 RK Program User B-0013 for the Mod 7 Sound Design Contest. Created by Russ Karlberg 33KB



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