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Type Name Information Size Download
HD-1 XPansion Vol 1

Submitted by Kevin Nolan

HD-1 XPansion Vol 2 Submitted by Kevin Nolan 306KB
HD-1 VP330 Male Chorus Created by Kevin Nolan, this set contains VP330 Male Chorus sounds. 2.97MB
EXi EXi Expansion Sounds Submitted by Kevin Nolan 403KB
LAC-1 LAC 1 Devine Submitted by Kevin Nolan 166KB
MOD-7 MOD-7 Extra Sounds Submitted by Kevin Nolan 254KB
MOD-7 MOD-7 A set of MOD-7 sounds created by Kevin Nolan 772KB
HD-1 CP80 CP80 Programs based on HD-1 CP80 Multisamples. Created by Kevin Nolan 772KB
EXi EXi Selection Assorted EXi Programs created by Kevin Nolan 576KB
AL-1   AL1 Collection 100 AL-1 sounds created by Kevin Nolan  20KB  
MOD-7   DX-7 200,000 FM Programs in SysEx format.   11.7MB  
HD-1 Superwave P8 Superwave P8

This VSTi has been converted to a KRONOS User Bank (Streaming Library)

The library contains over 1.4GB of samples and when streaming they use about 120MB RAM.

Created by Sharp.

Disk 1 - 7



HD-1 Orchestral Project The Orchestral Project.
Over 690MB of samples from the "Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra" collection converted into KRONOS format by Sharp. The source files can be found HERE

More information about this project can be found HERE on the forums. By Sharp

Disk 1-4


HD-1 Jarre Inspired Jean-Michel Jarre inspired Samples is a set of samples for the KRONOS that are designed to emulate a small selection of sounds used by Jean-Michel Jarre. Created by Sharp 64MB
HD-1 Triple Strike Piano This is a new Piano recorded in stereo and at 3 different dynamic levels. It has a very bright stage sound to it that makes it very well suited to live playing. 57.3MB
HD-1 Orinoco  A modern take on the sound made famous by Enya in Orinoco flow.  MP3 Demo   7.5MB  
HD-1 Staccato Heaven A classic Roland D-50 sound in KRONOS format. 550KB



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