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Type Name Information Size Download
HD-1 Dreaming

Submitted by Martin Fryer.
Here are Martins notes on the download. It's a pcg containing just 2 sounds, the first is just strings with longer release time, I use this one in a combi where I disable damper for strings, the second is a modified Dream Voices which I edited to try and match the sound off the Korg M3 called Dreaming of Blue, would it be possible for you to add them to the download section so others can use them if they wish to.

HD-1 Mixed Submitted by Roger Bernards.
This download contains many F bank programs made by Roger. The best of these is a bunch of organs where he use two rotary speaker simulators in perfect sync. Gives a deeper effect. In the combi D he has lots of splits for bass and Piano/EP/Organ. In those splits knob 1 is the bass volume, knob 2 is the piano volume.



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