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Type Name Information Size Download
Sysex Organ 1 A bank of Organ sounds. 8KB
Sysex Organ 2 A bank of Organ sounds. 11KB
Sysex Organ 3 A bank of Organ sounds. 20KB
Sysex Piano A selection of Piano sounds for the 01W 6KB
Sysex E-Piano A selection of E-Piano sounds. 8KB
Sysex Strings A fantastic selection of Strings sounds. 15KB
Sysex Choir Lots of Choir sounds. 10KB
Sysex Brass A wide range of different Brass sounds. 13KB
Sysex Guitars This download contains a selection of guitars. 4KB
Sysex Elec-Guitars A selection of Electric guitars. 7KB
Sysex The Synth Collection As the title suggests, this is a bank of Synth sounds. 20KB
Sysex Bass Collection Something thatís always worth having handy is a nice collection of bass sounds to set the mood. 15KB
Sysex Modern Modern is a collection of sounds suited for Rock and Pop. 19KB
Sysex Dance A fantastic collection of sounds suited for Dance Muisc. 46KB


Backup of Prog cards. - PCM cards needed.

John01w submits a large batch 01W Files.
Please Note: These files are being made available for backup purposes only. To use these, you must use the appropriate PCM card for each set.

Korg 01/W PCM prog/combi/sequence demo cards:
Best Of M and T
Synth Design

InVision Interactive 01/W PCM prog/combi cards
Acoustic Instruments
Pop Instruments

Sybaris Labs 01/W PCM card programs:
The Way


Due to the age of this instrument that the files above. We where not able to obtain the original authors information or descriptions. If you have any information regarding the origin of these files, please contact us as we would be happy to update the information provided in order to preserve these files forever the way they should be.


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